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photo_barrels.jpgWith our state of the art, fully-equipped wine making room and our expert wine makers by your side, you'll experience the fun of making your own great tasting wine.

Landon Winery has several styles from which to choose including big, chewy reds wines to dry or fruity white wines.

Cult wines are very popular right now. Why not make your own cult wine in our facility? How about a big, rich, Cabernet Sauvignon aged in French or American oak barrels? Contact us to see what we can produce together. "I have wanted to make my own wine for some time and Landon Winery provided me the opportunity to try out my own recipe with the help and knowledge of the winemakers at Landon Winery. They even let me bring in some of my own grapes from my yard." Thom H.

Follow these links to see examples of our personalized labels and words & phrases ideas for your custom made wine.

Those wishing to create their own private branded wine for commercial distribution should click here.

Custom Winemaking Prices

We have barrels in sizes; 60 gallon, 30 gallon and 15 gallon. Each gallon produces about 5 bottles of wine. Prices in the 15 gallon column of the chart below include the use of a barrel. Some individuals have wanted to own their own barrel either as a keepsake or to reuse on their next batch of wine so we will sell the barrel for an additional charge. Some wines below are not barrel aged and therefore have no pricing in the 15 barrel column.

Don't see a wine you like in our list below? Ask us about making your favorite wine and let's see what we can do.

Wine Club members receive a 20% discount on the prices below. Read more about becoming a Wine Club member.

15 Gallon Barrel

6 Gallons

Wine Variety Yields 75 Bottles Yields 30 Bottles
Dessert Wines
Chocolate Finale (3 gallons)


Dolce Fine (3 gallons)


Grand Finale


Fruity Wines







Yellow Rose






Crisp, Light Intensity White



Pinot Grigio





Sauvignon Blanc


Strong Intensity White



Light to Medium Intensity Red
Cab Sauv / Merlot / Cab Franc



Pinot Noir






Medium to Strong Intensity Red



Cabernet Sauvignon






Super Texan



* six gallons can be run through a barrel shared with other wine of the same varietal for an additional fee of $100.

Prices for 30 gallon and 60 gallon barrels are calculated using multiples of the 15 gallon barrel price.

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

photo_tanks.jpgHow long does it take to make my own wine?
It depends on the style of wine. A big red wine may require a year of aging in an oak barrel whereas a fresh, fruity white wine may be ready to bottle in as little as two months.

How much wine will I get?
The smallest batch of wine yields six gallons or about 30 bottles of wine. We also have oak barrels that range in sizes of 15 gallons, 30 gallons and 60 gallons. Each gallon yields 5 bottles of wine. We have both French and American oak barrels from which to choose.

What do I have to do?
Taste the various wines that we have made and choose one that you wish to make. It is that simple. We will craft the wine for you and call you with periodic updates. You will return and bottle your wine, cork the bottles and put on your own custom label.

What do you do?
We will move monitor your wine as it progresses and treat it as our own. It will remain in a temperature controlled environment for the fermentation process to take place. We will tend to the wine daily; checking to make sure everything is progressing nicely. The wine will be racked several times over the first few weeks and we will add the required elements along the way to ensure a complete fermentation. We will clarify the wine and filter the wine if requested. We will call you a couple of days after filtering to make a bottling appointment.

How difficult is the bottling process?
At Landon Winery you will have access to the most up to date electric bottling equipment, which draws the wine from the storage container and shuts off automatically when each bottle is filled. The process is fun and we encourage you to bring friends and food and make it a party. At this time, we will show you how to easily put the labels on your bottle, and then apply the top capsule, guaranteeing a completely professional presentation of your wine. The entire bottling process takes approximately 45 minutes for each 6 gallons and can easily go faster with more friends.

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